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A "MUST READ" for anyone interested in Valve Amplifiers past and present.


Featuring the history and evolution of amplifiers and valves. How to make a HF VHF UHF amplifiers. How to repair amplifiers in detail and aerial tuning units.

It details most of the things you would like or need to know about valve amplifiers. Sections include the History of Valves, Classic Amplifiers, Linear Amp UK Amplifiers and detailed sections on how to build your own Valve amplifiers for HF and VHF.

Peter?s writing style is easy to read yet packed full with detailed information. The book is generously sprinkled with colour photographs throughtout.

Andy, G7LRR, wrote:
For many the world of amateur radio power amplifiers is little understood and this book sets out to dispel the myths and provide a unique insight into HF, VHF and UHF amplifiers. Written and produced by acknowledged expert Peter Rodmell, G3ZRS the founder of Linear Amp UK, Amplifiers is a very personal guide to this fascinating topic. Amplifiers starts by providing the context of RF amplifiers with a detailed history and evolution of amplifiers and valves. The book also describes how valves work and the reasons for continuing to use them in amplifiers. Valve types are explored in depth along with classic designs from a wide range of manufacturers including Acom, Alpha, Collins, Drake, Heathkit and of course Linear Amp UK along with a number of others. There are sections on fault finding in amplifiers and in depth details of Linear Amp UK amplifiers describing the evolution of the Challenger and Discovery models. Amplifiers then goes on to describe the design and how to make amplifiers for HF, VHF and UHF. Peter has poured 30 years of amplifier experience into Amplifiers making it an impressive 300 page guide for anyone interested in power amplifiers.

Author: Peter Rodmell, G3ZRS
304 pages, numerous images, full colour, softcover, in English, 2014