Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs

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A Guide to Design, Installation and Construction


For those who have ever thought of installing a tower or already have one from the most modest upwards Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs provides everything you need to know about constructing and maintaining antenna towers.

With years of experience as a professional tower climber, Don Daso, K4ZA, presents practical information from designing and building your own antenna tower through to its installation. Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs outlines the basic tower types, the realities of climbing towers and much more. The entire installation process is covered from selecting a tower, digging the base, pouring concrete, working with cranes before moving into tips for working with rope and pulleys, guy wires and associated hardware. Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs also teaches the correct procedures for taking down existing towers, conducting inspections and even performing maintenance.

Whether you aspire to having you own tower or simply need to work on an existing antenna tower, Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs is your guide to success.

Author: Don Daso, K4ZA
176 pages, in English, 2010