Franzis Tutorial Kit for Arduino - Englische Ausgabe Franzis Tutorial Kit for Arduino - Englische Ausgabe Franzis Tutorial Kit for Arduino - Englische Ausgabe

Franzis Tutorial Kit for Arduino - Englische Ausgabe

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Easy introduction to microcontroller programming for Arduino / Freeduino


Microcontroller Programming

  • Complete hardware and software for programming and experimenting
  • Components, breadboard and multi-purpose microcontroller PCB with ATmega 168
  • Introductory course for programming in Arduino-C
  • Develop your own applications
  • Over 70 experiments with detailed instructions

Over 70 software experiments:

  • LED dimmer
  • Touch sensor
  • Reaction time test
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Light and temperature measurement
  • Twilight switch
  • Alarm system
  • Code lock
  • Fan control
  • Data transmission
  • Storage oscilloscope
  • Measurement and control with VB.NET and many more

System requirements: Minimum: Pentium III-PC, Windows XP SP2, Vista/Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS, CD-ROM drive, Java

Includes: 216-page handbook, Circuit board and ATmega168 microcontroller included, development board, breadboard, 20 components + software on CD-ROM

Microcontroller: ATmega168

Clock rate: 16 MHz

Programming interface: USB 1.1/2.0

USB chip: FTDI FT232RL

Programming language: Arduino C

Arduino is a microcontroller system that comprises an Atmel microcontroller and an Open-Source development environment based on a simplified dialect of C.

The microcontroller is programmed via a computer and can operate independently or in conjunction with a computer. For man-microcontroller interaction, various sensors can be connected that gather data from the environment and transfer it to the microcontroller. The program within the microcontroller processes the data and can then generate various forms of output or control actuators, for example. There is no limit to what can be programmed. It is all up to the developer's creativity.

The Arduino programming environment supports the developer and his projects with ready-made programs and function libraries. The easy interaction between hardware and software forms the basis for physical computing, i.e. the connection of the real world to the bits and bytes world of the microcontroller. This tutorial kit shows you step by step, how to gain easy access to this world.

The first chapters of the included book will teach you Arduino programming in a detailed programming course. In this course, the C commands are explained by way of short examples. Hardware and software are explained in detail, and when you finish this tutorial kit, you will be the master of bits and bytes. In the following chapters, you will be able to implement what you have learned in the programming course in creative and hands-on experiments for instrumentation and control applications. This course will enable you to put your ideas into practice on your own. Even later-on, this book will be of good use for you as a reference guide. The hardware referred to in the book and the USB interface (FTDI FT232RL) can still be used as an application board or be incorporated into your own application. All tests run via a free USB interface of your computer. An external power supply is not necessary.

From the contents:

Transistor-LED dimmer, Soft blinker, Debouncing keys, Power-up delay, Power-down delay, LEDs and Arduino, Switching larger power consumers, DAC with PWM ports, Music makes everything better, Romantic microcontroller candle light, Monitoring of employee exit, RTC (real time clock), School bell program, Fan control, Twilight switch, Alarm system, Code lock, Auto-range capacitance meter, Reading a potentiometer professionally , Sensor switch, State machine, 6-channel voltmeter with Arduino, Program your own voltage plotter, Arduino storage oscilloscope, Stamp plot, Professional data logger for free, Controlling via VB.NET, Temperature switch

This tutorial kit includes a CD-ROM that contains various complete programs, tools, data sheets and examples. The CD-ROM simplifies working with this tutorial kit:

  • Arduino integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Course-related example program code
  • Various tools
  • Data sheets
  • Circuit diagrams

    Includes a 216-page handbook, development board, breadboard, 20 components + software on CD-ROM

    USB cable not included

    not suitable for children under 14 years