The Amateur Radio Operating Manual

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7th Edition


Despite what many believe amateur radio is a fast-moving hobby and the last five or six years in particular have seen numerous changes. The RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual provides the best practical guide to the hobby as it is today.

Since the first edition of the RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual, it has provided practical information on many different forms of amateur radio operating. This latest edition covers subjects from the basics of setting up a station for maximum efficiency, DX Operating, Radio Sport's many guises, through to D-Star, Satellites and much more. Readers will find information detailing the numerous changes to the amateur bands as more countries have gained frequencies at, or around, 136 and 500kHz, as well as 5, 7.1 - 7.2 and 70MHz. The newer datamodes such Winmor are covered along with the developments in the WSJT suite of software and the whole datamode field. The use of computers in amateur radio is extensively covered, as are basic operating practices and there are even guides to making the most from the various bands available. You will also find subjects as varied as the RSGB IOTA programme, China's first amateur radio satellite, XW-1, Skimmer, ClubLog, on-line DXpedition log checking, and DXpedition operating.

With more than 25 new contributors, this Seventh Edition of the RSGB Amateur Radio Operating Manual has lots of brand new material, as well significantly rewritten sections. No matter if you are new to the hobby, or an established amateur, everyone will find this book a mine of useful and practical information about all aspects of amateur radio operating.

Authors: Don Field, G3XTT and Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX
224 pages, in English, 7th edition, 2010