Virtual Radar Explained

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Virtual Radar ist der allgemeine Name für den Empfang und die Aufzeichnung von ADS-B-Aussendungen von Flugzeugen. Die Nutzung von ADS-B im kommerziellen Flugverkehr hat den Umfang an zur Verfügung stehenden Informationen stark erweitert. Dieses Buch erläutert alles Wissenswerte zum Thema!


Virtual Radar Explained covers the world of aeronautical Virtual Radar which is the common name given to the reception and plotting of ADS-B transmissions from aircraft. The use of ADS-B by commercial air traffic has revolutionised the amount of information available aviation enthusiasts and this unique book covers the subject from just about every angle.

With the majority of commercial flights broadcasting their position twice a second, ADS-B receive systems can produce a virtual radar display on your home PC. From the early days of the wartime pioneers through to the very latest multilateration systems - it's all in the book. ADS-B and Mode-S signals get special attention with a detailed look at their message and transmission systems.

Virtual Radar Explained provides full details and how to get the most from the of all the mainstream hardware and software offerings including: AirNav Radarbox, Kinetic SBS-1, Planegadget and Planeplotter. There is also coverage of how to install effective antennas and feeders for Virtual Radar systems. For home-brew fans, there is information on the "build your own" options that are available via the internet, along with an explanation of some of the technicalities of ADS-B reception.

This very comprehensive book covers just about every angle of Virtual Radar from historical development through to home-brew. Virtual Radar Explained will be of great interest to the all aviation enthusiasts and existing users of Virtual Radar alike.

Autor: Mike Richards, G4WNC
64 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen, in Englisch, 2010