50 Projects for Radio Amateurs

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Many radio amateurs love to design and construct electronic projects from the very simple right through to the very complex. 50 Projects for Radio Amateurs draws together a wide array of projects that the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has published. You will find projects as diverse as antennas, simple test equipment through to 70cm handhelds and much besides.

50 Projects for Radio Amateurs is broken sections that cover Measurement & Filters, Morse, Antennas and large section covering useful station accessories, peripherals and other diverse projects. The projects included range from complex DIY antenna analysers through to a simple electronic keyer and builds on simple strip board. There are two transceivers that you can build alongside antennas for bands from Microwaves to HF. There are also four handy reference guides explaining Using 10Ghz, Screening, Baluns and Aerial Maintenance. This book has something for everyone whatever their level of construction ability and all will find something interesting to construct and build. Most projects are also straightforward and can often be built in a weekend or over a few evenings.

All the projects included in 50 Projects for Radio Amateurs are selected to stimulate and inspire you to get out the soldering iron and get building the array of useful tools, interesting antennas and much more that are included in the book. Thoroughly recommended reading for any level of amateur radio constructor.

Edited by Mike Browne, G3DIH
174x240mm 256pages

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