An Introduction to Antenna Modelling

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For many years the only way for most radio amateurs to work out how well an antenna design would work was to build it and find out. The arrival of computer based antenna modelling programmes has changed this. This book looks at the Free MMANA-GAL antenna modelling program that will let you design and optimise a whole host of antennas, and all on your PC.

An Introduction to Antenna Modelling has been written by antenna guru Steve Nichols G0KYA and shows you step-by-step how to input antennas designs into MMANA-GAL, how to adapt designs you are given and how to optimise your designs for the best performance. By the time you have finished you should be able to model a whole host of antennas including dipoles, the G5RV, the W3DZZ trapped dipole, verticals, off-centre fed dipoles (OCFD), magnetic loop antennas and many more.

Computerised antenna modelling for many radio amateurs looks like a black art - needing expensive programs that look like you need a degree in astrophysics to get them to work. This book dispels that provides a straightforward way to design antennas with predictable results. Building antennas can be hard work. You have to work out what you want to build, source the appropriate copper wire or tubing, measure everything carefully and spend hours putting it all together. But it needn't be like that An Introduction to Antenna Modelling provides an easy way to design and 'test' your antennas without ever lifting a saw or picking up wire cutters.

This book is enhanced by the inclusion of CD that not only contains the MMANA-GAL software so you can get started immediately but much more. There are sample antenna files and event other antenna modelling software including EZNEC, MININEC Pro and 4nec2. There are also over 30 other amateur radio programmes included.

Author: Steve Nichols, G0KYA
74 pages, numerous images, in English

Autor: Steve Nichols, G0KYA
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Softcover 17,4 cm x 24,0 cm
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