Antennas for VHF and Above

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The VHF, UHF and microwave bands provide an exciting opportunity for experimentation with antennas. This book from well known author Ian Poole is a fascinating guide to what can be achieved in these bands.

Antenna sizes at these frequencies mean that they do not occupy great amounts of space and most people can experiment with constructing their own antennas. Antennas for VHF and above, provides both the basic theory and constructional details for many antenna designs. Included there are different types of antenna from dipoles to Yagis, and verticals to log-periodic antennas and parabolic reflectors. The reader is taken through the essentials in Ian's easy-to-understand fashion with details of the way the antenna works and the constructional information needed. The reader will also find helpful chapters covering measurements and installation techniques.

Antennas for VHF and above, is a mine of information for anyone wishing to understand or construct antennas for the VHF, UHF and microwave bands. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in antennas, whether a newcomer or experienced hand.

Author: Ian Poole, G3YWX
144 pages, Size 240x174mm, numerous images, in English, 2008

Autor: Ian Poole, G3YWX
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