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If you are interested in home construction, Eamon Skelton, EI9GQ is the acknowledged expert in this field. The RadCom columnist on the subject, Eamon brings his enthusiasm, common sense and easy to understand approach to the Homebrew Cookbook, such that readers will be reaching for their soldering iron with inspiration.

Homebrew Cookbook starts with the very basics of hombrew and progresses to advanced topics. There are construction methods that take you right through all the main techniques from dead-bug layouts through to dedicated printed circuit designs. The PCB section is packed with simple ideas that will allow you to make PCBs cheaply and easily without any specialist equipment. Eamon even shows you how to use sunshine or cheap halogen security lights as a UV source! Construction projects start with receiver designs and a simple direct conversion receiver, followed by a more sophisticated superhet receiver. Homebrew Cookbook also includes an SSB transmitter, PA and a VHF transverter. All the designs are modular, making it very easy to extract sections for other uses and adapt the designs to suit your needs. Where test equipment is required Eamon has simple circuits on hand to allow you to build your own rather than have to buy commercial equipment. Eamon also deals with homebrew antennas with lots of useful tips for making practical and effective antennas with junk-box components. Through the book is an adherence to homebrew principles as all projects use simple construction techniques with cheap, readily obtainable, components. Eamon even tells you how to make the most of eBay to find what you need.

The Homebrew Cookbook is an edited, updated book of Eamon's writings from the pages of RadCom and a fantastic reference with simple, well-proven solutions to most construction problems. Homebrew Cookbook will have you itching to dust off the soldering iron and start construction.

Author: Eamon Skelton, EI9GQ
208 pages, numerous images, in English, 2010

Autor: Eamon Skelton, EI9GQ
Sprache: Englisch
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