ON4UN's Low-Band DXing

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25 Years of Low Band Success! Antennas, Equipment and Techniques for DXcitement on 160, 80 and 40 Meters.

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The fifth edition features new and updated material.

Highlights include...

  • ...a thoroughly revised discussion of receiving antennas. You?ll discover how to greatly enhance their operational bandwidth. In addition, low-signal transformers for Beverages and other receive-only antennas are analyzed in great detail, along with effective common-mode filters.
  • ...a new examination of phased arrays, with new concepts such as the hybrid-fed 4-square array and opposite-voltage feed system. This is a must-read for every serious antenna builder!
  • ...dozens of new propagation maps based on DX Atlas, as well as an in-depth analysis of the influence of sunspot cycles on 160-meter ducting.
  • ...a new discussion of cutting edge technology including Software Defined Radio and the revolutionary LP-500 Digital Station Monitor.


  • Propagation
  • DXing on the Low Bands
  • Receiving and Transmitting Equipment
  • Antenna Design Software
  • Antennas: General, Terms, Definitions
  • The Feed Line and the Antenna
  • Receiving Antennas
  • The Dipole Antenna
  • Vertical Antennas
  • Large Loop Antennas
  • Phased Arrays
  • Other Arrays
  • Yagis and Quads
  • Low Band DXing from a Small Garden
  • From Low Band DXing to Contesting

CD-ROM included!

The CD-ROM includes the entire book in a fully searchable PDF format as well as ON4UN's software (Windows XP only), antenna modeling files, photographs and more.

Author: John Devoldere, ON4UN
672 pages, Fifth Edition, December 2010, in English

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