RSGB Radio Communication Handbook

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RSGB Radio Communication Handbook  

Since 1938 the RSGB has published RSGB Radio Communication Handbook and it remains one of the most enduring guides in the world to amateur radio technology and practice.

As always this new edition of the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook has been updated, rewritten and provides an invaluable guide to amateur radio theory and practice. With around 600,000 words, 2000 illustrations and diagrams in 25 chapters and two appendices in 864 pages it covers the breadth of amateur radio.

Readers will find explanations from the basic components of amateur radio to semi-conductors through oscillators, amplifiers, mixers, transmitters, receivers and even a complete transceiver project. There are chapters covering design and practice in VHF/UHF, Microwaves and frequencies below 1MHz. RSGB Radio Communication Handbook does not stop here and you will fine chapters dedicated to propagation, antenna basics and transmission lines. Antenna design is not forgotten and you will find whole chapters dedicated to practical antennas for HF, VHF/UHF and Microwaves. There are further chapters covering a wide range of topics from Morse code, Data communications, EMC, Measurement & Test Equipment and even practical guides to the 'the great outdoors' and 'construction and workshop practice'.

You will find hundreds of pages packed with the distilled knowledge and experience of acknowledged experts on each topic. In amateur radio there is always plenty to learn and this book is the ideal way to expand your knowledge on your favourite activity, or to discover and explore something new. Whatever you use it for the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook will become a valuable tool that helps you get the very best out of amateur radio.

Edited by Mike Browne, G3DIH
210x297mm 864 pages

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