SWR explained

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A Radio Amateur's Guide to Electromagnetic Waves, Transmission Lines and VSWR

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Many radio amateurs are familiar with the concept of the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) and the effect it has on the transmission and reception of signals. Few however understand much about it beyond the adjustment of an antenna tuning unit to the reduce SWR. SWR Explained sets out to fill that gap and provide the context that makes electromagnetic Waves, transmission Lines and VSWR comprehensible.

Written by leading electrical engineer Reg Irish, G4LUF, SWR Explained sets out by explaining what waves are, how they move in free space and how guided waves react. Steering clear of great chunks of heavy mathematical theory the author brings your personal experience to bear so that the reader gets a practical feel for the topic. How transmission lines react is explained along with matching and even using transmission lines as resonant circuit elements. There are designs for measurement of transmission lines and a practical guide to the working of a VSWR meter.

SWR Explained provides a guide to the mysteries of electromagnetic waves, transmission Lines and VSWR yet is light on heavy mathematics. If you want more information about understanding this fascinating topic this book is recommended reading.

Author: Reg Irish, G4LUF
64 pages, numerous images, in English, 2014

Autor: Reg Irish, G4LUF
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Softcover 17,4 cm x 24,0 cm
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