Valves Revisited

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A fascinating guide to the world of thermionics

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For over half a century, valves (or tubes) dominated electronics. They could be found in public address systems and hearing aids, televisions and computers, communications and medical equipment, and of course in the radio set in every home. Since the advent of the transistor and the silicon chip, valves have almost completely disappeared. However, valves are still the preferred device in specialist applications, usually involving high power, including microwave ovens and some transmitters. There are hi-fi enthusiasts who argue that valve audio amplifiers give a more accurate and pleasing sound than those using semiconductors.

Valves Revisited is a wide ranging book that provides the basics of how valves work through to how to build your own. There are details of the use of valves in domestic radios, test equipment and amateur transmitters. There are also detailed descriptions of the use of valves in amplifiers, receivers, power supplies, signal generators along with guides to modulation, receiver design, measurement, fault finding and much more.

Valves Revisited provides the principles and practice behind every part of the valve radio and is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the technology. If you simply want to know more about valves, or plan to restore a classic vintage set, or even to build valve equipment from scratch this is the book for you.

Author: Bengt Grahn, SM0YZ
272 pages, numerous images, 2011

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